Hot Flushes In Women

Hot flushes in women, sometimes referred to as hot flashes are characterised by a sudden and intense feeling of heat on your face and upper body.

They happen because of a decreased supply of the hormone oestrogen(s), which then go on to provoke an imbalance.  The hormones oestrogens and progesterone decline naturally as a woman approaches menopause.

Not every woman suffers from hot flushes but the majority of us do. Hot flushes can be very upsetting and always seem to happen just when we don’t want them to. Some women may have a gradual decline in the production of oestrogens, which represent less hot flushes, but some women have a sharp and abrupt decline which represent an abundance of hot flushes, which makes life very difficult to live with.

What do hot flushes feel like?

Well, imagine a sudden, intense feeling of heat on your face and body that can last for several seconds and in severe cases nearly an hour. They are often joined by;

    • increased heart rate
    • headaches
    • nausea
    • anxiety
    • dizziness
    • flushed or red face
    • sleep loss
    • night sweats

It doesn’t have to be like this; restore your body and obtain ‘body balance’ and optimal health!